This is a screenplay written without being paid to write, but it's written with the intention of selling after writing. These screenplays aren't free on this platform even though they have zero naira value on the homepage. If you need this screenplay, follow these steps:

  1. You either search for the screenplay you want on the homepage or the screenplay market menu.
  2. Click on Speculative script if you choose to go through the screenplay market.
  3. Locate the screenplay you want.
  4. Fill the screenplay enquiry form with your correct details and click on the contact screenwriter button.
  5. The screenwriter contacts you via the information you gave whilst filing the form.

Whoever writes a commissioned screenplay has been paid to write it. These screenplays are free on this platform because the screenwriter has chosen to donate them. It is to be downloaded and read (educational purposes only).

  1. Click/Tap on the "submit screenplay" on the menu.
  2. Choose the screenplay type you'd want to register.
  3. Fill the form with the correct details of your screenplay and submit it.

No, we don't need the pdf copy of your speculative script. We only demand the pdf copy if and only if you want to register a commissioned screenplay.

That's because your submission hasn't been approved; once it's approved, it will be displayed like the others at the home page and in the screenplay market.

There’s no time frame as it will be on the platform until someone who likes it indicates interest.

Of course, it can and there are several reasons for this to happen.

Anyone who owns the right to the screenplay can register it.

That shouldn’t happen; the owner of the screenplay should be the only person to register the commissioned screenplay.

There should be a discussion amongst the owners as to whom the screenplay registrant should be.

Yes, you can; that should be if and only if you’re ready for the public to see it.

Yes, there is. A screenplay registrant shouldn't sell his/her screenplay anything over NGN10,000 as that is the set maximum by Myscreenplayz Production.

Myscreenplayz Production will never ask you for money after a successful speculative screenplay sale from her platform because it’s free.

For every successful commissioned screenplay sale, Myscreenplayz Production will take a commission of 20% of the total cost of the screenplay, while 80% will be paid to the commissioned screenplay registrant’s bank account.

The screenplay registrant will be credited with 80% payment via the registered bank details provided by the registrant after three days of successful payment.

The reason for the delay is to wait for any complaint that might arise from the screenplay buyer concerning the bought screenplay.

The screenplay buyer might have bought the same screenplay he/she once bought, but this time, it comes with a different screenplay name.

The screenplay buyer would have to provide evidence; once that is done, Myscreenplayz Production team will investigate the claim made by the buyer, and if the buyer’s claim is valid, Myscreenplayz Production will refund the buyer his/her money and punish the screenplay registrant.

No, your money can’t be refunded because the screenplay registrant must have received his/her credit alert, but you can still report such screenplay registrant for necessary actions to be taken. Myscreenplayz Production advises buyers of the commissioned screenplays to always have a quick glance at the purchased screenplay before three days elapses.

Yes, you can. All you'd need to do is to contact us via the form on our contact page with the subject "Screenplay Update" alongside the screenplay details you'd want us to update.

Yes, it does. Every bought screenplay's link is only active for a day with maximum downloads of three times.