Where can I register my spec screenplay?

Click on this link (https://myscreenplayz.com/speculative-script/), fill the form, and submit.

Where can I register my commissioned screenplay?

Click on this link (https://myscreenplayz.com/commissioned-script/), fill the form, and submit.

When registering my spec script, why should I write Myscreenplayz Production on my graphic design?

The reason is because we want to use a stone to kill two birds. When we promote your screenplay via your graphic design, we also want to promote the brand.

If I register my spec script with Myscreenplayz Production, how long should I wait before it’s bought?

There’s no time frame as it will be on the platform until someone indicates interest.

Can a registered screenplay be rejected?

Of course, it can and there are several reasons for this to happen.

Must a screenwriter be the one to register the commissioned screenplay?

Anyone who owns the screenplay can register it.

Can more than one person be a registrant of the same commissioned screenplay?

That shouldn’t happen; the owner of the screenplay should be the one to register the commissioned screenplay.

What if it’s more than one person that owns the screenplay?

There should be a discussion among the owners as to who the screenplay registrant should be.

Can I register a screenplay that hasn’t been produced as a commissioned screenplay?

Yes, you can; that should be if and only if you’re ready for the public to see it.


What’s the minimum price and maximum price to sell a commissioned screenplay?

There’s no minimum or maximum price set by Myscreenplayz Production. The screenplay registrant decides on his/her price.

How much commission will Myscreenplayz Production take from me after a successful sale of my spec script from her platform?

Myscreenplayz Production will never ask you for money after a successful spec screenplay sale from her platform because it’s free. However, you can choose to donate to Myscreenplayz Production and that is solely your choice.

How much commission will Myscreenplayz Production take from me after a successful sale of my commissioned screenplay?

For a successful commissioned screenplay sale, Myscreenplayz Production will take a commission of 20% of the total cost of the screenplay, while 80% will be paid to the commissioned screenplay registrant’s account.

After a successful sale of the commissioned screenplay, when will the screenplay registrant receive the 80% payment?

The screenplay registrant will be credited with 80% payment via the registered bank details provided by the registrant after three days of successful payment.

Why would Myscreenplayz Production take that long before the screenplay registrant is credited?

The reason for the delay is to wait for any complaint that might arise from the buyer concerning the bought screenplay.

What kind of complaint can come from the buyer?

The screenplay buyer might have bought the same screenplay he/she once bought, but this time, it comes with a different screenplay name.

What will happen when the screenplay buyer says he/she bought the same screenplay twice with different names?

The screenplay buyer would have to provide evidence (the first screenplay bought, and the lookalike); once that is done, Myscreenplayz Production team will investigate the claim made by the buyer, and if the buyer’s claim is valid, Myscreenplayz Production will refund the buyer his/her money and punish the screenplay registrant.

As a buyer, what if I find out after three days that I bought the same screenplay with a different name? Can my money be refunded?

No, your money can’t be refunded because the screenplay registrant must have received their credit alert, but you can still report such screenplay registrant for necessary actions to be taken. Myscreenplayz Production advises buyers of the commissioned screenplays to always have a quick glance at the purchased screenplay before three days elapses.

Can I register a commissioned screenplay and receive my 80% commission which is less than N500?

Yes, you can; however, your 80% commission won’t be sent to your account number, but you’ll receive recharge card on your registered phone number.

If I co-wrote a commissioned screenplay with someone or I want to share the 80% with a producer, how do I know when the screenplay has been sold for me to collect my percentage?

While registering the commissioned screenplay, the screenplay registrant would have to include the email address of as many persons he/she would like to share the 80% commission with, so that once the screenplay is sold, everyone involved gets an email.